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Every disabled child is entitled to a free and appropriate public education that will
"meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education, employment, and
independent living." (20 U.S.C. 1400(d)(1)(A))


The cost of educating a child with disabilities can be difficult for any one family to bear.  The law provides an entitlement for services for children with disabilities who fit the criteria.  This entitlement begins at age three and continues until the child is twenty-two. When a disabled child is able to get the appropriate education, it can mean all the difference to that child and family.    


The laws in this area are far-reaching, complex and could have lingering consequences for a child’s educational services and legal rights.  It deals with a subject matter that can be emotionally charged for a family and is an area of law that is not easily negotiated without help.



Provide a clear understanding of the law as it applies to your family’s situation.

Guide in organization, presentation of materials, and recommend strategies.

Provide expert coaching behind the scenes.

Work collaboratively with the school district.

Review educational records, evaluations and recommendations.

Work to help formulate the IEP such that your child receives appropriate services.

Represent your case in conferences, mediation, and administrative hearings.



-       Communities For Restorative Justice, Concord, MA:  Facilitator working with the Concord police department in an alternative justice diversion program helping adolescents understand the effects of their crimes and make restitution to their victims.

-       Federation For Children With Special Needs, Boston, MA:  Provide information, support and assistance to parents of children with disabilities.

-       Legal Representative on the Board of Health – Town of Concord, MA

-       Mediator:  Small Claims Court, Newton, MA



-       Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar

-       New England Law|Boston – JD Cum Laude, CALI Award Administrative Law, New England Scholar Award

-       Mediation Works Incorporated, Boston, MA – Mediator

-       Adelphi University, Garden City, NY – Full scholarship for Masters Degree

-       Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY – BA Cum Laude

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